Women usually do the asking when it comes to fertility.
Our aim is to help men become more aware of their own fertility.
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Reproduction is a normal human event that is absolutely necessary for the survival of the human race. Infertility is therefore not meant to be the normal course of events and will have a cause even though we may not always find one.

Infertility affects at least 20-25% of couples who are of reproductive age. 

This means that at least one in five of the couples you know will be affected by some degree of infertility ! Statistics vary but it would seem that around 35% of men are sub-fertile and at least 2% of men are totally infertile. Furthermore there is a great scientific debate going on just now about evidence suggesting that male fertility is decreasing markedly as a result of modern lifestyles. 

The advent of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) have helped several thousand otherwise infertile couples to have children over the last few decades. Even so as many as 10% of couples will be left with an inability to have children because IVF does not work for everyone.

For all these reasons, the number of couples seeking medical attention for infertility related problems has rapidly grown in recent years. This has also provided the push for new 
home-testing technology which provide the chance for more control, more privacy and also results that are useful if couples find it necessary to involve doctors.

One of the main advantages of home tests is that they will help fertile couples conceive more quickly and they will help others to identify that there might be a problem.
Male fertility is measured by sperm quality and count and this web site provides information on home test products designed to assess male fertility potential and identifies the use of supplements to support healthy sperm production.
NEW fertility aid 
FertilMate™ helps reduce testicular temperature in these 'warm' working and 'warm' sleeping periods.
Testicular temperature is affected by numerous issues, some of which are medical problems and some of which are man made. Driving and sitting for hours at work increases testicular temperature, as does sleeping and particularly if you sleep on your side. 
NEW fertility supplement 
babystart® FertilManplus™ is a nutritional supplement formulated to support sperm quality. Sperm quality relates to motility, count/concentration, morphology and volume. babystart® FertilManplus™should be taken by men that have a known sperm quality problem or in support when, as a couple, a pregnancy is not occurring.
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